Alicia Terry

Realtor & Owner ATeam Realty

Alicia Terry

Alicia Terry

Realtor & Owner ATeam Realty
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 ALICIA TERRY - Realtor & CEO of ATeam Realty

"ATeam means - All Together Everyone Achieves More"


I worked for a company within the construction industry for 10 years, teaching me a tremendous amount about new construction, builders, and managing a business. In addition, I grew up around Real Estate, as my mother worked with a title company for years, so I developed an interest in Real Estate listening to her tell of her experiences surrounding her work. I put this interest and passion to work when I finally made the jump to Real Estate and have loved it from day one! My favorite thing about working in Real Estate is working with the clients, and seeing their face when they find, sell, or buy that perfect home. I always am determined to make things happen, to find solutions, to be a great negotiator on my client’s behalf, while maintaining the highest standard of honesty and effort for everyone I works with. One of my goals is always to show clients and everyone I work with what it really means to be a Realtor, to exceed their expectations and bring professionalism to the table in all circumstances. I am always open to learning, I asks questions constantly and take every opportunity to develop myself my team and my business.

  • Closed transactions 2013 – 58 Closed
  • Closed transactions 2014 – 110 Closed
  • Closed transactions 2015 – 89 Closed
  • Closed transactions 2016 – 62 Closed

Listing Sale Facts- Fastest sale - 2 hours for above asking price. This was after being on the market for 1 year with another agent. We spent $ 3000 in upgrades and staging to re-listed the property for $50,000 more and multiple offers.

Most over list price $30,000 with less than $5000 in repairs and upgrades prior to listing.

Awards & Designations

  • Realtor Expert Interview 2016
  • Top Agent Magazine 2016
  • Top Agent - Asked to in the book and it hit best sellers list 2016
  • Realtor of Excellence Award 2014
  • Rookie of the year 2013
  • Board of directors of Keller Williams office 2 years in a row







I was born in Springfield, VA and have lived in Utah County for 20 years. I have a Bachelors with an emphasis in psychology from UVU. As I love helping people and have always had a passion for connecting, understanding and assisting others. I love searching and negotiating to always find my clients their dream home. I have had the luck of working with my mother in the title industry for 5 years. I believe that this experience has given me an increased understanding of the title search, land/title clouds, Preliminary reports (PR's), pertinent documents and the overall closing/funding process. My experience has given me the knowledge of how to research and find the information that most others don’t.

I now have the opportunity to work with Alicia Terry on the Ateam under her wing at Keller Williams Westfield. I love learning what my clients want and need. As this allows me to best search, then negotiating to always find my client their dream home and get it for their dream price. I am excited to use my experiences; people skills and thirst for knowledge to best assist my clients in the buying & selling process. As, I am determined and dedicated to bringing exemplary service and exceed all expectations. All in order to make an exciting and often stressful time, as stress free and most satisfying as possible.





Hi, my name is Rachel Cruser and I first want to say thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and what I believe in, stand for and love. 

I got my start in property management and loved it so much I decided to continue growing; a philosophy I strongly believe in. I believe you should always be dreaming, learning and most importantly growing. This is especially important in an ever growing industry. I became a Transaction Coordinator to learn the ins and outs of the behind the scenes of a Real Estate transaction. I always want to know why we do something and the importance behind it. This way I can always explain the importance of each step in a transaction as well as be able to protect your money and investments. 

 I now love being a full time Realtor with all the background knowledge I have from my years in property management and transaction coordinating. I enjoy the design, the architecture and helping people find their perfect place to live. Not to mention the added bonus of helping people learn how to buy, sell and invest to make money in the real estate industry. 

 I have to tell you, I love people; love getting to know them, getting to know what makes them tick and understanding what makes them happy. I believe constant communication is a huge thing in this industry and sadly I don’t see it enough. I believe in being proactive instead of reactive. This way you always know what is coming and what to expect. With this method I am better able to help avoid any of the stressful road bumps that people commonly experience. 


So believe me when I say, we will be talking and probably will end up as best friends. I live by the philosophy of work hard, play hard as well as do what makes you happy. I am a Harley riding, bulldog loving, art inspired, wife, mother and Realtor. 

 With all of that being said, it is easy to tell you that I love Real Estate and have loved it since being a little girl. This is why I chose a career in being a Real Estate Guru. Life is one big experience. My goal as your Realtor, and hopefully friend, is to make sure that your experience in buying, selling and investing in real estate is memorable, enjoyable and fun.










A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task. They operate with a high degree of interdependence, share authority and responsibility for self management and are accountable for the collective performance and work toward a common goal . A Team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of any one individual.

“I got into real estate since it is a passion of mine and a life long dream. I love helping people find their dream home, and see the smiles on their face when they do. I have a common sense approach to leadership designed to build professionalism, individually and as a team. I’m a strategist that will analyze and help design better operations, enabling my clients the best possible results when conducting a real estate transaction. I’m constantly engaged in  meeting our client’s goals. Focusing on key relationships with clients and  enhancing satisfaction, retention and performance. Using Best Practices concepts to increase professionalism, productivity and protection for all our clients. My goal to is to always have a win, win situation or I wont take the deal. I work with the most incredible group of people that amaze me on a daily basis. I hope to gain your business and show you that we aim to make you our highest priority.” – Alicia Terry




CEO ATeam Realty                       



"ATeam means - All Together Everyone Achieves More"



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