Alicia Terry

Alicia Terry

Alicia Terry – Realtor & Financial Strategist

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  • Office Location: 998 N 1200 W Orem Utah 84057

About Alicia Terry


I have a magical super power! It is my ability to see ways that most can’t. I can think outside of the box and do in all areas of my life. I have the ability to structure plans to help you reach your dreams and goals. For years I have researched and screened options to make you money. I focused on ones that produce the biggest returns with the least amount of risk. I have done this in many areas not just real estate. So I am able to help you invest in the best areas that would fit your needs. That is why I love helping clients create ways to have that retirement they always wanted and worked towards. So they are able to play when they retire. I also love helping millennials strategize and structure their plan to be millionaires when they retire. Best part is that most of my clients can start their plan to their millionaire retirement for FREE!

I worked for a company within the construction industry for 10 years, prior to jumping into Real Estate. This taught me a tremendous amount about new construction, builders, including managing a business. In addition, I grew up around Real Estate. My mother owned a title company where she worked as an escrow officer. From which I developed an interest in Real Estate. I would listen to her, as she told me of her experiences surrounding her work. I put this interest and passion for this industry to work. By finally making the jump to into Real Estate and have loved it, from day one! 


My favorite thing about working in Real Estate, is working with the clients. I love seeing their face when we help them reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. I am always determined to make things happen, to find solutions, to be a great negotiator on my client’s behalf. While maintaining the highest standard of honesty and effort, for everyone I work with. One of my goals is always to show clients and everyone I work with what it really means to be a Realtor. I pride myself on to exceeding their expectations and bringing professionalism to the table, in all circumstances. I am always open to learning and willing to ask questions constantly. In order to take every opportunity I can to develop myself, my team and my business.


ATEAM REALTY – Stands for All Together Everyone Achieves More


Real estate is a passion of mine and was a lifelong dream. I have a common sense approach to leadership. In which I designed systems, checks and balances. To build professionalism, individually and as a team. I’m a strategist that will analyze and help design better operations. This in turn ensures my clients the best possible results when conducting a real estate transaction. I’m dedicated and determined to meet our client’s goals. Focusing on key relationships with clients to enhancing satisfaction, retention and performance. My goal  is to always have a win-win outcome, or I won’t take the deal. I work with the most incredible group of people, that amaze me on a daily basis. I hope to gain your business and show you that we aim to make YOU, our highest priority.


A Vulnerable Look Into My Life Experiences, Struggles, Growth & Drive


Here is a little bit more about me and my story. I believe you attract people into your life. I also believe in being authentic and honest in all aspects in my life. That means being vulnerable and sharing pieces of my story. With the hope that it can help or provide even just one person with courage and faith, that they too can persevere and overcome their own struggles. 


I will warn you that I am going to be a little raw and vulnerable. I hope I have your permission to do that. My hope in sharing my story is that, it may help someone else to find the strength to make it through their own hell.

When I was going through my hell, I thought everyone knew what was going on, especially since it was so public. I realized recently that most didn’t know. A few years ago, life as I knew it would unexpectedly change. 

I had been happily married for 18 years, and Steve had always been my biggest cheerleader and supporter in starting my real estate business. He knew what it meant to me. Little did I know that after 4 years of growing my business he would have a mental breakdown out of nowhere. Within a 6-month period I watched someone I love disappear right before my eyes. If you have ever watched someone who is going through depression or losing their mental stability it is a horrible thing to watch.  

He became more and more lost and refused help in the end. Because when you are raised to hide emotions. Along with his fear of shaming his family. This is what ended up being his demize. Instead of being open to help and be supported by the rest of his family. My daughter, sister Joy and I ended up being the only ones that saw his pain and his cries for help. While the rest stayed in denial and their shame over it, kept him from getting the help he needed. All because of his fear of losing their respect and love. 

Almost two years ago, on April 26, 2017, I got an unexpected final goodbye text from the love of my life. I knew he had finally given up. He, like most people in a depressed and lost situation, don’t see a way out and only see and feel the pain they are in and the pain they feel they are causing. He took his own life that day and if that wasn’t horrible enough, they couldn’t find his body for over a year. That was a year of unimaginably painful limbo, for sure.

It took some time to acknowledge the hard stuff, sit in the realization of them. In order to attempt to better understand and do the work to release and choose to rise and thrive, in spite of the pain. That is what I knew he would want and what would honor our amazing 18 years together.

I have seen what hiding emotions and shame can do to people, especially when mental health issues and suicide is involved. Everyone has their own stories and hell to go through and what makes us who we are. No one leaves this earth without scars and heartbreak. It’s how we choose to use those moments that make us, or break us. The difference I have seen is that being transparent and sharing the lessons you have learned can help heal someone else. It can also help give you strength to not allow shame to be your partner. Through whatever it is that is causing you heartache, or grief.  

This process of pain, struggle and growth has us motivated and is the driving force. To be better, do better and strive to be the change we hope to see in this world. We want to support our friends and family in acknowledging the immense impact they have in this life of theirs, on themselves, loved ones, acquaintances and experiences. As our hearts are full with the impact you have had on ours. We are eternally grateful for your part in our journey and can’t thank you enough.

Now For What’s Happening in Business

After living through this I am not the same person I was before. My heart, empathy and passion has grown more than words can express. My old logo and branding didn’t represent who I am now and what I want to accomplish going forward. I believe nothing is impossible! I always have. I just had to remember that. Then start working on making my new dreams and life possible. Going forward everything I will be doing for my business will be coming from a place of love and contribution back to our community. I saw the holes in our systems that need help through these last few years. I believe that each of us can create massive change in our communities alone and know together the possibilities are endless. 

From now on I want to create and maintain healthy, long-term relationships with people like you. Think about it – you have professionals in every area of your life that provide you with good services on a long-term basis, people like your financial advisor, accountant, lawyer, doctor or trusted mechanic. Why do so many people look at a home purchase, or sale as such a short-term relationship? When you consider that for most people, buying or selling a home is a big event, so why do they settle for a Realtor they don’t know and trust?

In my 7 year career, I’ve seen too many people end up with less than desirable results when selling or buying a home, commercial, land or recreational property. I would never want this to happen to you. I want you to think of us as your Real Estate Resource for Life” 

It makes perfect sense why we have those trusted people in our lives. You don’t want to change your doctor, every time you need one. Why would you want anything less than someone you can go to for even random questions, or problems throughout the year. Someone to help you in any negotiations, problem solving, property tax disputes etc.  I promise that I will be there for you, your family, your friends and your associates by offering you more than any other real estate professional will give you. I want to support your passions in the community and even charities that you support. So let me know what those are, so we can make sure to support you and them in our future events. We believe in making dreams happen. Even if you think it’s impossible, we believe in making the impossible possible.