5-Question Real Estate Quiz

Real Estate

One reason why Utah County real estate commentators like to offer quizzes is to make readers feel good about how much they know. Being that Utah County homeowners probably do more than an average amount of reading about Utah County real estate matters, you would expect that any real estate-themed quiz would succeed in creating that kind of warm, positive experience.

This is not that kind of quiz.

I put it together because it’s a quick way to present some of the more unlikely survey results. They are culled from recent National Association of Realtors® informational articles. The quiz may not foster warm feelings of knowledgeability, but to compensate, it’s shorter than most of those web quizzes (who has time to answer 25 questions?).

Ready? Set! GO!

Which of the following features is likely to slow a home’s sale:
A) Swimming Pool

B) Big backyard

C) Small backyard

D) All the above

E) None of the above

Which of these is likely to help a home sell more quickly:
A) More than one story

B) Superlative renovations

C) Small backyard

D) Big backyard

E) None of the above

Which of these is likely to be worthwhile for a new Utah County homeowner?
A) Extended appliance warranty

B) Gardener

C) Shopping for insurance

D) Improving the yard

E) None of the above

Which of these trends are widely predicted for 2017?
A) home prices will remain stable

B) home sales will decline

C) average days on market will increase

D) the Midwest will lead in home sales

E) none of the above

F) all of the above

Which of these is recommended for first time home buyers?
A) Less closet space than you think you need

B) More closet space than you think you need

C) Dining room

D) No dining room

E) Add a koi pond

E) None of the above

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