Many home buyers think they don't need to hire an agent when building a new home. After all, you're buying directly from the builder and they already have contractors, lenders and inspectors. Why should someone else be brought into the mix? 

The truth is, buying any home without an agent can be a costly mistake. It can mean paying more than you should, missed opportunities for upgrades, contract errors that aren't in your favor or a delayed closing.

Thinking of buying a new construction home? Here are three reasons to have an agent on your side before visiting the sales office:

1. Expert Negotiation: While their advertising would have you believe otherwise, builder's prices aren't always set in stone. Agents are skilled negotiators who can likely get the price dropped slightly or have a few upgrades thrown in.

2. Preferred Vendors: Your builder might have an affiliate mortgage lender or title company, but chances are they aren't going to offer the best deal. They actually build in their builders marketing dollars into your interest rate sometimes. Those are the lovely incentives they tell you about. They just chose to leave that part out of it. It's important to shop around, and what's better than a vendor your agent already knows and trusts?

3. Guidance and Support: The home buying process can be complicated, with lots of twists, turns and steps along the way. When buying new construction, you also have design reviews, electrical work and other construction needs. An agent can guide you through all of these, making sure your purchase stays on track, on time and on budget from start to finish. 

It's important to note that while you may be working with an agent or representative from the builder, they may not have your best interests at heart. Enlisting your own trusted agent can give you an advocate from the very first meeting to closing day.

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Do you own your lot or need to find one?

Are you doing a lot loan & a separate construction loan?

 Do you know what to look for with a new lot?

Do you have the vendors to make sure you get a soils test and not have a fault line, natural spring or some other crazy thing a little bit below the surface?

Do you get the plans first then the lot?

Who does my plans?

Do you know what the city requirements are for that lot you love?

Do you know what things you can tweak to save you a ton of money?

Did you know that a lender who deals with production builders has a totally different skill set than one that deals with custom homes?

Do you know who to go to if your custom home appraisal comes in $ 100,000 low?


These are things you need to know. These are things that can kill your dream of building your dream home if not addressed properly. We have dealt with all of these things and more on our team.




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Are you interested in building a new construction home? Get in touch today for more info about builders in the area.