Luxury Sellers

ATEAM Approach to Selling Luxury Homes

Thank you for taking a moment to consider working with A-Team Realty. As one of the top 10 teams in the state of Utah, A-Team has created a unique approach to selling Luxury homes.

As a Luxury home owner you understand that your home is unlike any other and therefore doesn’t quite fit under an umbrella of standard comparable’s. A-Team understands this too, that’s why we’ve created a crafted approach to addressing the challenges of pricing your home right. Doing so will help you achieve your desired results of a timely sale and an optimal return.


When A-Team lists your home, one of the first things we do is walk through your home to review any potential repairs needed to the home. Buyers searching for a home in your price range will expect to see a home as close to perfect as possible. They will notice details as meticulous as clean baseboards, dust on a windowsill, all the way up to chips in the paint in the ceiling. A-Team has the capability to see your home the way a buyer would and provides you with a list of recommended touch ups/repairs to get your home looking as gorgeous as possible.

ATEAM Approach to Selling Luxury & Home STAGING

Setting the scene for potential buyers. Next A-Team will work with you to review staging recommendations. As a luxury home owner, you can recall what drew you to your home to begin with. The home was most likely presented in a manner that captured the quality and lifestyle you wanted with minimal distractions (decluttered, organized, and polished.) The staging process is one of the most pivotal marketing pieces in helping a buyer create the feeling that this home is “The One.”


The first impression is the one that last the longest. Creating a positive and memorable online presence is vital and essential in order to make your home stand out. The ATeam commissions a photographer to create a portfolio of photographs. Working with trusted professionals, we go beyond just a catalog snapshot or two of the home. Instead we work to create a carefully coordinated series of photo’s to bring your home to life online. Photographs focus on the most interesting angles, lighting, ideal time of day and the most imperative features that make your home stand apart from others. This strategic approach to both photography and video help ensure that your home’s online presence is aesthetically beautiful.


There are over 100,000 Keller Williams sales associates operating in over 700 market centers worldwide. Why is this important to the sale of your home? Your buyer might live next door, across the country or halfway around the world. A-Team’s affiliation with Keller Williams places us in an ideal position to take your home to global buyers.


Once your home is live and “on the market”, A-Team creates a variety of marketing collateral targeting qualified buyers for your home. We will provide weekly updates on marketing efforts and potential buyer activity utilizing our Seller Update Report. This report includes key information you’ll want to track, such as the number of online views on your home, number of buyers contacting us about your home and most importantly showing feedback. By proactively reaching out to Realtors who show your home, we can offer buyer insight on the presentation of your home. We’ll additionally include new listings in your price range to keep you aware of any potential competition and how you stack up.


  • Catered Open House Event
  • Art Exhibit
  • What will life feel like living here
  • Golf Clubs, Kids Sports, Recerational


There’s a lot of behind the scenes details that go into selling a home. Are you ready to take action? Contact A-Team Realty today to allow us the privilege of earning your trust and business. We’ll quickly show you why we’re on the top 10 list of teams to partner with in the sale of your home.

Alicia Terry Specialize in the selling and buying process of luxury Real Estate . We also believe in giving our clients a luxury experience that other agents don’t offer. Give us a call today to see how we can help you .